Special Education Program

Special Education Program

Students who have significant learning challenges in a mainstream classroom are provided a specialized and therapeutic educational approach to learning – in a style that is customized to their personal needs! Through a collaboration with parents, students, and therapists P.A.C.E. students make gains and fill in learning gaps—without the discouraging and insecure feelings that usually accompany struggling learners.

The smaller class size, the inspiring and no pressure learning environment model, makes the P.A.C.E. class is ideal for children with IEP plans, who do not perform well in a larger classroom setting. If your child has ADHD, a Spectrum disorder, or maybe just a Math/Reading impairment, and they just have given up on learning, our PACE class may be just what your child needs.

Smaller Class Sizes based on age group & Part time or Full time Programs Hands On Learning Projects – Sciences, History, Arts, Social Skills, Music, & Physical Skills Instruction Struggling Learner Approach & Specialized Accommodations Individualized & modified curriculum program in Reading, English, and Math.


We collaborate with the public school district ESE office and private therapy providers to offer our students the best possible educational program in a self- contained classroom setting.

Why Choose Heritage Christan Academy?

  1. BULLY FREE Zone
  2. Less Testing = More Learning
  3. Better Environment
  4. Christian Morals/Values
  5. Structured Student Discipline
  6. Improved Student Safety
  7. Better Education Tutoring Available
  8. Busing for Saint Lucie County offered
  9. National School Lunch Program
  10. Small Classroom Sizes
  11. S.T.E.A.M. Based Education
  12. Athletic Program
  13. Special Needs Programs