Graduates of Heritage Christan Academy will be equipped and empowered to thrive in future endeavors and academic studies. They will be taught and trained to be well-rounded individuals with good Christian morals and character; displaying a servant’s heart in leadership, and love of the Lord.

Heritage Christan Academy students entering grade nine may two options to earn a standard diploma. They are:

  • 24-credit program

  • 18-credit, Academically Challenging Honors Curriculum option

A)   Standard Diploma Option* – 24 credits meeting the minimum FL state standards4 Credits English 1,2,3,4
  • 4 Credits Math Alg1, Geometry, Alg 2, Trig or Consumer Math or Statistics
  • 3 Science – Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry or FLVS Options
  • 3 Social Studies (Amer. Gov and Economics included)
  • 4 Bible Electives
  • 1 HOPE Phys Ed & HOPE Health
  • 2 Spanish or FLVS OPTION LANGUAGE or 3 Career Track Electives
  • 1 Fine Arts / Practical Arts (Music, Drama, Speech, Graphic Design, or
    FLVS Option)
  • 1 course must be taken online
  • 2+ credits electives
  • Community Service 100 hours (Must be documented)
*Minimum high school Scores on Standford Achievement Test 10 of 9 th
grade in Basic Battery in both Reading, Writing, & Math, TABE (9 th grade) or PERT test scores with qualifying entrance scores for Dual Enrollment, Standford Achievement Test combined score 880, or ACT score 17 may substitute for Standford Achievement Test 10 scores.



B)  Dual Enrollment College Plan through Indian River State College
24 credits same as above, minimum 3.0 overall GPA and minimum scores
on PERT (103-120+), ACT, or SAT. All IRSC courses are weighted
additional .25 per credit.
*There is no charge for IRSC college tuition, however, at this time private high school students do pay for college books. Courses must be scheduled in the afternoon session, evening session, or morning based on bus run that semester.
C)  Accelerated Florida Virtual School Option – 24 credits same as above,
with a minimum of 16 credits on-campus and up to 8 credits taken online
to enhance a student portfolio. No charge for FLVS (Laptops & high speed internet access required).  Students on Step Up for Students or AAA
Scholarships may only take 2 classes per year through during
summer or during academic year.



D) High School Certificate of Completion – Students with learning challenges participate in high school courses can be awarded a Certificate of Completion Diploma Option – due to below high school standardized test scores and/or a modified (off grade level) curriculum program oriented to career or life skill classes. High school students enrolled with an IEP will receive accommodations, extra time on tests to assist with high school level courses for credits, but they will not be eligible for credits if they are not on grade level course materials. In order for a student with an IEP to graduate with a traditional diploma they need to meet the above standard high school course requirements.



E) Certificate & SLC VOCC/Tech Career Options – Students may gear their electives and summer studies to career tracks that may include industry certifications at graduation! It is recommended that all students take a minimum of 3 courses in a particular career track. SLC VOCC/TECH Classes and Internships listed on Course Schedule each year.